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Fix: TVR M Series Engine Technical Directory

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series Technical M Man TVR

1st April 2009

By Mike Zappa

What I would like to do is put an overdrive in the 3000S. I have a T5 but I'm not in the mood for major work, time and expense. I understand that Reliant Scimiter make an overdrive unit that fits the Essex.

Do you know what is needed for the conversion? Is it a direct bolt in? is it electronic like the Laycock type A? Where could I possibly source one in the States?
I work on a 3000S which has a 5 speed box fitted, but that's from a 1980's Ford Sierra. All that is needed (as far as I am aware) is the bellhousing is fitted from the old 4 speed 'box. the gearbox input shaft length and/or the propshaft to gearbox nose length has to be shortened by a small amount. It is not the electrical Laycock type so is quite straightforward to fit.

The Scimitar gearbox is (I am pretty sure) the electrical overdrive type, and as it was fitted to the V6 Essex in the Scimitar, should be a simple bolt on fit. I'm not 100% sure on this as I've never seen one, but must be easy to swap seeing as the engine is the same. I do remember on other tip - the overdrive may foul the chassis somewhere and therefore a small cutout may have to be made to allow clearance. I stress the word MAY as I am going on my limited knowledge ;o)

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