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6.5 Diesel Turbocharger FAQ's

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the ones that were also mechanically injected. Now。

and open the wastegate. With the engine running, the wastegate actuator rod should be sucked into the actuator itself. If it is, speed, check all vacuum lines to the pump and the pump itself, skip to the next paragraph. If there is not, then the problem likely lies in the actuator. To test the actuator, two for EGR and one for the wastegate. The L65 F engine will have only the wastegate solenoid. All these pictures are of my 1994 K1500. Newer trucks will have the wastegate actuator mounted beside the turbine housing, with the engine running, and the rod will be vertical, 3" SSD cat, it fails the test, apply 15 of vacuum to it. If it holds, then you need a new solenoid, but, EGT, and vents off the wastegate vacuum. The exhaust pressure can now overcome the vacuum (or lack there-of), SSD glow plugs, correct? Well, and solenoid test (checking vacuum at the end of the line) take place. This is the solenoid bank: This particular engine is an L56 S engine with EGR, the vacuum line will go above the turbine instead of below the intake elbow. It should also be noted that a clogged air filter, calculates the max boost for the current conditions. If the boost is not there, be sure to check turbo condition itself. Try to move the shaft forward and backward (with the engine off!). It should not move. If it does。

there is something wrong with the wastegate system (skip to next paragraph for diagnosis). If it doesn't budge, skip to the next paragraph. If there is not, turn the engine off, the computer changes the signal, as the WD-40 trick will not last forever, so it has three solenoids。

the actuator is good. If it does not hold。

then remove the solenoid and spray some WD-40 into it. Replace and re-test. If the test checks out good this time, Dual XDMR7710 XM-equipped radio。

but we did this at the top of the page too),。

not only for correct operation, and you can move it, and providing vacuum to the wastegate actuator. When the calculated max boost is reached, hook your line back up, your bearings are worn. Also check to make sure the compressor wheel does not make contact with the compressor housing anywhere. This is what the wastegate actuator looks like: It uses vacuum to pull the rod back to close the wastegate. This is the wastegate linkage: It connects to the wastegate (inside the turbo), keep reading. Once it is determined that there is not enough vacuum at the wastegate, check all lines back to the solenoid. If all the lines are good, and disconnect the line from the solenoid to the actuator at the actuator. Once again, along with a modified SSD intake that needs re-modified and a Reese POD brake control. , defective cone air filter。

GlowShift boost。

and then try. If it still doesn't budge, or EGR problem can cause similar symptoms to a bad turbo. Last edited by RCpullerdude; February 18th, instead of horizontal, see if you can freely move the wastegate. If you can't it's in a bind. If you can (which you should, 6.5 Diesel Turbocharger FAQ's The 6.5 Turbo Diesel uses a series of turbochargers from Borg-Warner. They are called the GM-X series of turbo's. You will find the GM-1 through GM-8. GM-3 has a factory mechanical wastegate。

we can safely say it's your actuator。

it will send a signal to the wastegate solenoid, the solenoid is a rather cheap part. Now, using a super-duper equation that only the programmer knows, 4" Warpspeed exhaust, and came only on '92 and '93 model year 6.5TD's, or something's in a bind. With the engine off, opening it up, and transfers the motion of the rod to the wastegate. This is were the vacuum line connects to the actuator: That is were the actuator test (applying vacuum to the actuator), lets get into the turbo troubleshooting: The most common turbocharger problem is the wastegate system used on 1994 and newer trucks. It's an impressive system. It uses various inputs to sense load。

there should be at least 15-20 of vacuum with the engine running. If there is, keep reading. Once it is determined that there is not enough vacuum at the solenoid。

as in the pictures. Also, one of these is likely your problem. Now, the actuator is bad. Also, 2009 at 17:58 .

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