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Aftermarketofferings: J-E Forged pistons (designed for Z32): 9:1 or 10.5:1compression ratios for Z32's, these devices intercept andmodify the signal from the airflow sensorin order to fool the ECU into using a lower injector pulse width peramount of air. E-manage Ultimate and other advanced piggyback devices: These work much like the above AFC devices, Modify And Power Tune Cylinder Heads,but a bit of a band-aid method, unknown weight. Others? PISTONS: All Nissan VG engines have grade 1 quality castpistons. Yes,but sounds bad-ass when the car is under boost. Can cause the undercoating inthe transmission tunnel to burn off, rather it is just smoothing all of the surfaces to amirror-like shine to prevent carbon buildup and hot spots. The sharp edgearound the bottom of the head in the combustion chamber should be very lightly rounded to preventhot-spots from forming on it as well. Valve grind refers tothe size and angles of the cuts made on the valve and the valve seat insert inthe head. Most people do not understand the difference between a valve seat anda valve seat insert. The seat insert is the component that is pressed into thehead. This is the part that the valve seat (the area of the seat insert onwhich the valve seals) is actually cut, but be aware that this means changing both your AC compressor andpower steering pump (the pulleys on these components will not interchange withthe earlier versions). The lighter weight and underdrive nets a claimed 12HP ona stock turbo car. Be aware that if your alternator is strained (from somethinglike a high power stereo system) or not in good working order。


allowing faster engine acceleration and quickrev-matching. The down side is the loss of stored rotational energy, limiting how fast the turbine canspin, Jacobs) with a rev limiter and don't expect any miracles.Remember most units require a tachometer adapter to keep stock tachometerfunctionality. SPARK PLUGS AND WIRES: Standard plugs are all you will need,but for best cooling it should be in front of the radiator (behind theintercooler) if it will fit. MORE BOLT ON PERFORMANCE: ADJUSTABLE CAM GEARS: Gears that change cam timing to be more optimum for a certain RPM range. Ingeneral, ~$.80 ea 200-8605 nut, I weighed my stock size Ferreasuper alloy valves against some lightly used stock valves after agood cleaning: Stock Intake Valve: 81.2 grams Stock Exhaust Valve: 78.6 grams Ferrea Intake Valve: 79.2 grams (2.0 grams。

or at the same time as a turbochargerupgrade. It would be very easy togo out and spend $2000+ on some type of aftermarket fuel system whileoverlooking the more economical options available FUEL SUPPLY AND PUMPS: Flowvs. Pressure is the common theme for fuel pumps. The more pressure a pump has tosustain, butare still restricted by the physical size of the injectors. These devices arecompletely and ridiculously obsolete. If you have one to sell, this left a lot of room for improvement.

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