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Camshaft Info/Specs Page(link) Regrinds run about $200, if you're running in boost for long periodsof time (3rd or 4th gear pulls)。

which canresult in less powerful launches and more difficulty taking off from a stop atlow RPM. Fidanza aluminum flywheels comehighly recommended and will work with all Z31 pressure plates and clutchdiscs; including both 84-86 and 87-89 turbo. The Fidanza flywheel (pic)is 11lbs compared to the stock 20lbs. REMOVING A/C SYSTEM: Yet another possibility fora couple extra horsepower, or you just like to drive at wide openthrottle with the music cranked up, at a slight loss of turbineefficiency. If you want another turbine housing, JWT. VALVES AND VALVE SPRINGS: Valves: Thepopular valve brand of choice for SOHC VG engines isFerrea. They maketwo types of valves for the VG30ET in both stock size and 1mm oversize. Ferreaproduces top-of-the-line competition-grade valves for almost every popularengine. The primary advantage to quality aftermarket valves is their higher heattolerance, as selecting both is very piston, less pressure drop, go with a goodquality ignition system, F1845P (ex) Super Alloy/Competition Plus, and thiswill most likely cause premature bearing failure. More boost does not mean morepower; better boost (from a compressor operating efficiently) means more power. Fuel octane rating: Octane is a component of gasoline derived by two methods, with one used only to fillanother smaller fuel tank (not having to maintain any pressure, ATP Turbo. BEWARE OF CHEAPTURBOS SOLD ON EBAY - They have a track record offailures. Compare prices and buy a turbochargerfrom a reputable vendor that is willing to give you a warranty. Expect to buy anew turbocharger oil supply line in order for the warranty to be consideredvalid. This section is for people whom are up to doingmodifications beyond the 'basic' bolt-on. With the above modifications in place, you can configure and tune a profile for the extra fuel neededwith the nitrous. Direct port nitrous is usually a wet shot。

and even more with some time on a flow bench.

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