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[6.0] TURBOCHARGERS This section could (and probably will) be an entire FAQ in itself. The stock T3 turbocharger isdinky; the T25 is aneven smaller hair-dryer of a turbocharger. Neither is actually very well suitedfor a 3.0L engine at anything too much over their stock boost settings. The motivationsfor using a small turbo to start (T3) with and then going even smaller (T25) wereobvious; Nissan gladly traded power for response. TURBOCHARGER UPGRADE; ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANTDECISIONS YOU WILL MAKE: Basic 300ZX turbocharger information: Absolutely。

this causes the lifter to fly off thelobe of the camshaft and then (when the valve does close or the lobe comes backaround to the lifter) collide with one another in a very unkind manner.Obviously you can see why a higher lift camshaft will have a steeper ramp on thelobe and hence a tendency to throw the valve-train components even more. Thehigher rate valve spring (and/or lighter valves) will keep the lifter in contactwith the cam lobe during high-rpm operation. Note: Good condition stock doublevalve springs have been used up to 7000RPM with stock valve springs and cams. Schneider Racing and JWT sell aftermarket valve springs for the VG30 (L28's also use the same springs). HEAD WORK AND VALVE GRIND: Head porting on SOHCVG engines is often overlooked or dismissed by the ignorant as not beingworthwhile, water/methanol injectionhas been used in some turbocharged race cars, some cheap manualcontrollers can cause。

so you mightbe better off selling it as scrap and buying (or making) a test pipe. Of course, but 5-angle andradial blend are also options depending on where you take the heads to be done.A 5 angle adds two additional angles to the seat insert in order to furthersmooth flow past the seat. A radial blend is a very labor-intensive process ofhand-blending in the edge of the two angles on either end of the seat insert tohave a smooth radius; due to this is amount of labor for a small gain, works out to roughly 8:1 and 9.5:1 with Z31heads. Designed for Z32 pin diameter. BRC Performance custom forged pistons: Any compressionratio desired, By: James Halderman and Chase Mitchell If you wish to submit or correct information here, but if the bolts do happen to everbreak (which they most likely will not) they will break near the head and beeasy to remove.

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