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AutoLab Level 2 Turbo Kit Installation

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Turbo Level AutoLab Installati

AutoLab Turbochargers/201211/22/7495.html">Level 2 Turbo Kit Installation 

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    This page contains notes and pictures for the installation of the Autolab Level 2 turbo kit.  This kit contains the following components:

  • T3/T4 50trim water cooled Garrett turbocharger

  • Tial wastegate

  • Necessary fittings/gaskets for wastegate

  • Manifold

  • Down-pipe and wastegate exhaust section with flex pipe

  • Hoses/fittings to install oil and water lines

  • Bolts for wastegate, down- pipe, and exhaust

  • 1 page installation instructions.

  • Here are a couple shots of the kits contents:

    The turbocharger!

    Comparing a modified CT-26 50 trim with the T3/T4 hybrid 50 trim:

    The manifold.  Unfortunately the first and second manifolds that I received were warped.  Here is some pictures of the first manifold that I  received.  This manifold was tapped by Autolab to accept two 1/8" NPT EGT probes.

    The down-pipe.  This down-pipe includes a flex section for the wastegate to vent back into the exhaust.

    The installation

    The first thing that I did was to do several test fits to make sure everything fit together, and to get the turbo 'clocked' correctly.  Both the inlet (compressor) and outlet (turbine) side of the turbocharger can (and need to be) be clocked.  You will want to have the oil outlet (larger oil line) facing the bottom of the car toward the oil pan.  Be sure that the fittings do not interfere with the bolts used to clock the turbo once you have the position you want.  You will want to mount the turbo to the manifold and test fit it in the car after test fitting outside the car.  This way you can also be sure that the intercooler pipes line up correctly and don't hit the exhaust manifold. 

    Here are some test fits outside the car.  This includes hand tightening the turbo, manifold, down-pipe and wastegate together.  You can also just check to see how the fittings will go into place.

    Couple shots of clocking the turbo.  I found it best to clock the turbine side outside the car and aim the oil outlet toward the oil pan.  Then loosen all the bolts on the compressor side, and lightly tighten one.  Install the manifold/turbo assembly in the car, and move the compressor side to the desired position.  Then tighten at least one bolt and remove the assembly.  Check again to make sure that the water and oil fittings don't interfere with any bolts.

    You can use the boost signal nipple from the stock turbocharger in the new turbo as shown.

    I used Teflon tape on all the threaded fittings, and locktite on the turbo to down-pipe, and wastegate bolts.

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