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Turbo Protein Diet with Almased Weight Loss Powder

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a Turbo Protein Diet Almased


Almased Turbo-Protein Diet

The Almased Turbo-Protein Diet

Almased Turbo Protein Diet Kit

Lose Fat the Healthy Way

A weight loss program that detoxifies your body and resets your fat burning mechanism.

The Turbo Protein Diet weight loss program is based on the by Dr. Dieter Markert from Germany. His book is based on his suggestions for dieting with Almased, and is not associated with the Almased company. The Almased company suggests the weight loss program The Synergy Diet.


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The Diet Kit is enough to complete a two week Almased Synergy Diet or a
one week for most women. Most men need an additional 2 to 6 cans.

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Why order Almased from Energetic Nutrition?

A Common Pattern of Weight Loss

What a joy when the needle on your scales begins to descend! Your self-confidence grows; but, to maintain the losing trend, you continue to torture yourself. You count every calorie and resist the edible temptations that would, in the past, cheer you up. In addition, you summon all your willpower and begin to exercise. When at last the unwanted pounds disappear, you have a sigh of relief and gradually return to eating as usual again.

However, after faithfully following a weight-reduction diet, over and over again we find ourselves faced with the frustration of discovering the return of the pounds we tried so hard to lose! It`s true: sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, we gain weight after dieting. The following report tells you how to overcome this pattern of weight loss / weight gain known as the "yo-yo effect."

Why the Weight Returns - Our Sleeping Metabolism

It is a scientific fact that after a certain amount of time on a low-calorie diet our metabolism (the rate at which our body burns calories) adapts to the reduced food supply. In times of deprivation (or strict dieting) it slows down and, in a way, falls asleep. This means that our metabolism no longer works as it does when we are receiving adequate nourishment. Luckily for us this survival mode exists, it`s a natural precaution against starvation. However when we return to eating as usual, the body cannot efficiently burn the food we consume and in no time at all the inches and pounds we worked so hard to lose return. Not only that, but already having experienced physical weakness due to recent dieting, we become irritable and discouraged.

This cycle of weight loss, weight gain, while discouraging, is not inevitable. There is a way of activating and stimulating the metabolism even during a weight-reduction diet. How? With protein, specifically a protein mix of both vegetable and animal (honey enzymes) origin. This balance can be found in Almased, a revolutionary protein supplement.

The Turbo-Protein Diet

The following brief instructions are based on the book "The Turbo Protein Diet" by German doctor, Dieter Markert. For full and complete instructions, please read his book, which is available for purchase individually, or included with your diet kit. Click here to purchase the book. Energetic Nutrition suggests you follow this diet while under the supervision of a health care practitioner. Almased is known as Vitalkost in Europe.

Determining the amount of Almased to take:

One serving (meal) of Almased equals 6 to 10 tablespoons, depending on your height. Please refer to the chart below to determine how much Almased you should consume for your height and the phase of the Diet you are currently on.


Day 1 - Eat light meals during the day. That evening, cleanse your digestive system with a laxative or laxative tea. It is best to do your cleansing in the evening so you can start your fast upon waking the next day.

Fast for up to 14 days

Days 2 through 14 (or less) - The fasting phase includes consuming 3 or meals per day of Almased. Mix Almased with a cool liquid by putting the Almased into the glass first and then adding the liquid. More liquid makes a thinner shake, less liquid makes a thicker shake, as you prefer.

Consume your daily Almased meals for as many days as you wish, up to 14 days. Do not consume solid food or sugar of any kind. Drink plenty of fluids, up to 3 quarts per day (water, tea or similar). You should drink low-salt vegetable broth and/or decaf green tea with or between your Almased meals. You may continue the use of vitamin and mineral supplements. If you experience some muscle pain or headache after a few days, it will be most likely caused by "free radicals" dissolved by the diet, also known as detoxification. You can speed the process by using anti-oxidant supplements and increasing your water, broth, and green tea intake.

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