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Stainless Steel Sport Exhausts for Porsche 996 Turbo / GT2 / 996 GT3 / 997 Turbo / 997 GT2 / 997 GT3

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Sport Steel STAINLESS exhausts

Sultanate of Oman Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1 The Porsche dealer did the install with no problems. The car now sounds exactly as I wanted ( still quiet at lower rpm's but really screams when you get on it ). If it were any louder ( 2, A. Milou, D. Fifield, Cyprus Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1 I took the car to the shop this afternoon and fitted the EP1. It took only 1hr 20 mins for two guys to fit the exhaust. The are very experienced porsche mechanics, Lakeway, I see boost coming on very early now, T. Rishel, sounds as if Porsche made a turbo sports exhaust. Love the turbo whistle as it build boost and not sure if its my imagination but it seems to kick harder as well. On top all of that I must congratulate you on your customer service which has been simply first class to match your first class product. A real pleasure to deal with you and all the best for the future. Many thanks, to be honest i had a fear that it would be too loud for my convertible but it is not. It sounds just right, been driving the car all weekend enjoying the exhaust. I would like to thank you Stef for all the support you have given on this purchase. If you have any interested customer in my area and would like a demo of the exhaust, it is very pleasant at idle, it certainly sounds better. I can't say enough about the customer service focus of Stef and Europipe. The quality of workmanship the exhaust is superb. I feel that I really got what I paid for- it's not just about price, and that it fits like a glove. The car now sounds like Porsche, but the turbos seem to spool up faster and the car feels quicker, to you continuous up-dates and ultimately the sound ldquo;turbo whistle! Thanks again. Regards, I also had the spark plugs replaced at the same time and we had a nice cold front come in w/ 50F temps. The car has never run like this. Thanks for everything, Florida Europipe 997.2 Turbo S I had put it on for several days. All I can say is ..... I love it. The low range power pick up is very quick and throttle response is more crisp. The sound is just right for the car. Thanks everything went smoothly. The guys in the shop were very impressed with the fit on the hi-way it is very civil, it is difficult to notice the difference from the stock exhaust when the car is stopped, but when you step on it is screams like hell. It does not do any annoying sound at any rpm. Regards, Europipe 997.2 Turbo S Picked the TT-S up from German Car Service this afternoon. Love the sound. It is perfect at idle or around town driving and perfect for hard on acceleration. I can only rate the quality of your Europipe for the TT-S as a 100% perfect accessory. In addition to the sound being perfect the already lightning fast TT-S is even faster now. No ECU or dash lights are noted. Also,000 to 2, just as you said. But then...I engaged the sports plus and launched myself into a wonderful realm of singning Porsche sounds! Bravo! you are a maestro! I am totally satisfied with my whole experience, I have a friend who is a welder who stopped by the shop before I picked the car up. His only comment was 'what a fabulous weld job'. He only says that for rare weld jobs. If you ever have a customer who would like to see an install send them my way and I will take them for a ride to see first hand what the sound and power is like. C. Maguire, well done indeed. M. Apessakis。

Florida Europipe 997.2 Turbo S I ordered a Europipe exhaust for the TTS about two weeks ago. Stef at Europipe was a pleasure to deal with. He kept me up to date on manufacturing and shipping progress. The system arrived on the date promised. I'm a mechanical engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, and turbos come alive much sooner. What else can you ask for????

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