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mk e wrote:

cribbj wrote:

Mark, I think you're right about the goal with these being getting the fuel as completely vaporised/atomised as possible, but that should be good for overall engine efficiency as well, not just emissions & mileage. At least that's my (perhaps flawed) logic.

I'm sure that's true.....but I think they'll have a slightly negative effect on hp due to reduced charge cooling and you may see something in the enrichment/derichment as liquid volume on the port/runner walls will probably change.

Luckily your new ECU will let you change all that

These injectors are as low as possible in the manifold without actually being part of the head, so other than wetting of the ports, hopefully there won't be much wetting of anything else. Just hope the spray splits evenly between the 2 intake valves. I'll have to get some pics/videos of these as they're spraying to ensure I get them clocked right.

Not following you on the reduced charge cooling? I'd have thought more finely atomised spray would offer better and more even cooling? Or are you referring to them not being used in a shower arrangement?

The ECU sounds very encouraging - I have some questions that I'll ask in the other thread.

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