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Wrangler Gearing Options

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Options Gearing Wrangler

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Wrangler transmission Options      Using 2.5L, 4.0L, 4.2L, & various V8s      AX5 upgrades      AX15 5 speed manual      NV3550 5 speed manual      NV4500 5 speed manual      NP435, SM465, SM420, T18 4sds      AW4 4 speed Jeep Automatic      Turbo 350 3 speed automatic      700R4 Overdrive Automatic trans




     Factory NP231 Tcase Upgrades      Bronco Dana 20 Wrangler application      Atlas Transfer case      Jeep "Rubicon" NVG241OR Tcase


     Klune-V/Atlas Combo     "Hercules" Compound Tcase system      Klune-V with Jeep Factory NP231 Tcase      Klune-V with "Rubicon" NVG241OR Tcase      Klune-V / Atlas Combo  


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Wrangler transmissions Upgrade Options


The Wrangler usually comes with either a 3 speed automatic (The TF999) or a 5 speed manual. The directions available and how to get there depend on the engine you are using. We have broken this section down by engine type:


      2.5 L Jeep Motor         AMC 4.0L 4.2L six cyl; AMC V8         GM V8         Ford V8


2.5 L Jeep Motor


     Stick Transmisisons


The 4 cyl motor came with the AX5 5 spd trans. This is a light duty trans, and while it is not a bad design, it will not support an engine upgrade. We have had customers desiring to upgrade this trans even with the 2.5L engine. We have packages for the following stick trans conversions:


NV3550 5spd 

The NV3550 is the best manual transmission to come from the factory in a Jeep Wrangler. They have been used from 2000 up. They are strong enough to handle a Chevy 5.7L Vortec motor comfortably. It is about the same size and weight as the earlier Japanese AX15 or the 87-88 French Peugeot trans. It is generally regarded as a major improvement over the Peugeot, and somewhat better than the AX15.  Used in conjunction with a Klune-V Underdrive, you will have all the gearing you will ever need.

NV4500 5 Speed

The NV 4500 is twice the weight of an NV3550. It is basically a truck transmission. It has become very popular among four wheelers due to the fact it combines overdrive, synchronized shifting and deeper gearing in a package that, in a Jeep, is pretty much indestructible.

     Automatic Transmissions


Call us if you have an auto trans project using a 2.5L Jeep motor. We have not researched options for this, however would do so if there is interest.

AMC 4.0L 4.2L six cyl; AMC V8

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