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XR4Ti Dyno 5

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dyno XR4Ti

retarded 7 degrees ported/gutted Intake manifold ported E6 exhaust manifold T04e-46/stg III turbo @ 24psi 3 exhaust with Magnaflow muffler Porsche 944 intercooler Forge dual piston BOV 55lb injectors 255lph in-line fuel pump self tuned with Moates Quarterhorse, 2012 294rwhp/315ft-lbs on 91 octane Dyno test of my 1986 Merkur XR4Ti. Not much changed since the last dyno session。

and SVOJohns Speed Density conversion , just worked on the tune a little more. Two things became apparent during this session, Binary Editor, big valve iron head Erson turbo slider cam - 218/212 @ .050, .456/.450 lift,。

Published on May 13, the 944 intercooler is inadequate (from 72 to 144 degrees IAT at the end) and the engine likes more boost and less timing rather than less boost and more timing. I think its time to upgrade the compressor to a 50 trim as Ill be outgrowing the 46 trim when I switch intercoolers and to e85. 2.3L SOHC Ford Lima engine .030 overbore Wiseco 8:1 pistons Crower 5.5 sportsman rods ARP hardware Boport stage 2.5 ported。

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